Primal Fitness South Bend
433 S Main St
South Bend, IN 46601

 Welcome to Primal Fitness South Bend 

There are no shiny machines, no pretty mirrors or inflated egos here at Primal Fitness. Our sole purpose and passion is to help coach and assist the client into a more healthy and functional lifestyle. We believe that the human body is one the best means of training available. We begin just there. With your own body! 

Each athlete is taken through the Functional Movement Screen. These are the 7 basic movements in the body. We use a grading system to see how your body moves. We correct any limiters and challenge you where you’re your strongest.  As we progress and get more specific, we implement cutting edge/ yet primitive tools. 

We focus on a diet that is whole-based foods. These are clean true sources from mother earth. Primal Fitness holds a strong belief in that without proper nutrition, your goals that you have envisioned will only be a dream. 

We like to take a 3 pronged approach - corrective exercise, specific goal-based modalities, and clean, holistic nutrition.